Picture Book, Uni, SAP 2 and a MOCHI award?

2013-03-29 07:01:15 by coruptedGames

SO I haven't posted much in a while but I thought Ill chuck on some new art of mine onto newgrounds which you guys can see here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/c0rupt3d/cali brated-fabrications

Purty pictures. ( they may be easier to view on my site they'e quite large.

I have also started university since I last posted, im doing a Bachelor of Design ( visual Communication ) the course can lead in many different roles in the creative community, im hoping for something game related from it! With the start of university comes the flood of assignments... SO here is something which i have due next week (: ( it is quite unpolished at the moment but yeah you get the idea.. ) http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/6615/carsyooo o.jpg

So for anyone that doesn't have eyes and make games the game developer conference has been happening over the past week and at the flash gaming summit Super Adventure Pals was nominated for two game awards, Best Art and Most Creative! Jay went over there to check out the action and turns out we totally won a mochi award, its great to have an actually physical award for such a virtual transaction. Here is a pic of it I think: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BGN79s-CAAAByOj.jpg:

Super Adventure Pals 2 is coming a long very nicely although time wise not so much.. But the quality is very high! :D Which means probablly a while until it will be finished :/ But you can check out a bunch off Stuff I have done for the game here : The post is still yet to be fully completed.
http://news.corupted.com/new-blog-updates-on-sup er-adventure-pals-2/


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2013-03-29 12:00:25

What award did you guys actually win the creative or the art one (please say art)
Anyway, this stuff looks amazing man. Great job on everything.

coruptedGames responds:

We won most creative!, We really didn't have the best art for SAP 1 but SAP 2! that will bring home a best art :D


2013-03-29 13:06:20

awesome man. Your art is getting soooo good. cant wait for SAP 2!

coruptedGames responds:

Hehe Thanks man! You're progressing quite nicely a swell :D Cant wait for your next game :P


2013-04-16 00:30:40

dude the controls in super adventure pals suck
there awkward to use and make the game less fun

coruptedGames responds:

Thanks for comment? This doesn't seem to be a common trend of opinion, But how would you propose they could be better? They are the default controls for many many games which follow the arrow key and wasd controls.
Why Create a problem if you can't help resolve it?


2013-04-16 05:29:43

im trying to
i just happened to be doing somthing at the same time and forgot what i was typing
left right down=move and crouch
a= attack
done best controls ever

coruptedGames responds:

That's pretty much the controls at the moment? Did you play in WASD mode or Arrow Key mode? For the second game we are making the controls customizable so you can change them yourself.