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Posted by coruptedGames - March 26th, 2018

Hey Pals, after many many years our game The Adventure Pals is finally getting released! For those who don't know the game originally started out as a flash game called Super Adventure Pals made with Jay Armstrong & Myself.
 The game was born out of the flash days and the community around it, that's why I'm super excited to be able to announce it here :) 

So when are we launching this bad boy?

~ April 3rd ~

For Steam, PS4, Xbox One & Switch. Please Help us spread the word <3


It's been a crazy journey so far,  but we're really looking forward to releasing. 
I talked a little bit about how we ended up making this crazy game below. 

- Julian

Posted by coruptedGames - August 24th, 2016

Hey Pals! 

We're T-Minus 3 days away from the finishing line of our Kickstarter, We've had a tremendous amount of support over the past few days but we're still 12% away from getting there. So please check it out.


If you missed the FREE demo, you can check it out and play it over at Gamejolt



We've created a thunderclap for the final day of The Adventure Pals! Thunderclap allows us to use the power of our fans to help boost our message. The thunderclap will go out on the last day of our Kickstarter campaign, and get as many people as possible talking about the game all at once. You can simply sign up here and commit to posting our message on your preferred outlet. 



Sweet Playthrough


- Julian


Posted by coruptedGames - August 12th, 2016



Hey, We just released a brand new demo for The Adventure Pals! The demo features about 20 minutes of gameplay, and shows a small slice of what the final game will offer. We'd really love if you could check it out and perhaps consider backing our Kickstarter

Link to the demo: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-adventure-pals/173637

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our game! 

Let me know your thoughts on it below if you check it out :) 

- Julian

Posted by coruptedGames - July 28th, 2016


Last night we Launched The Adventure Pals on Kickstarter, This a super exciting occasion! We've been working on this game for over three years now. With your support, we can finally finish it off and make the game we always wanted to make. We'd really appreciate if you could even just check it out! 

Why you'll love it:

  • Hyper-Realistic Giraffe Physics.™
  • Over 100+ levels, including towns, and interesting things.
  • At least three semi-okay puns. 
  • Play with your friends on local 2 player co-op play.
  • A retrospective look on Hot Dogs.
  • Immersive story and lovable characters

Check out the Kickstarter! 

Thanks again, 

- Julian 

Posted by coruptedGames - February 15th, 2016

Dear friends and random internet folk, 

I'm very happy to announce Super Adventure Pals is coming along great! 
The past 6 months or so and 12 hours work days have been tought but we're getting closer every day to being near release. We're still a while away from the finish line but getting there. 

Jay @jayarmstronggames has written up a little piece about it which i'll post here :) 

P.s I'll be attending GDC & PAX South pls come say hello to me! 

The game has turned out way better then we had hope for. It’s smooth, its alive, its full of personality and everything in it is feeling great. And most importantly, it is not long to go now until the release!

Prepare to enter a world full of zombie cat pirates, hot dogs pooping mines, blob monsters spawning flying jelly fish unicorns, crab people and spooky moon ghosts.

Help the toast people in their revolution against their oppressive dinosaur overloads in a post-apocolyptic wasteland, crown the pirate king in Port O’Potty, seek out your mentor in the underwater world of Crablantis and build a rocket to the moon to rescue your Dad from Mr B’s Hot Dog factory!

Keen to see a sneak peek of Pirate Cove? Perhaps a little bit of the action? Sure thing buddy:


For those who like to know a little bit about development, you might like to know that each part of the game is slightly different. The levels are straight up platformer, while the towns control like a brawler game, and the world map is controls like a top-down game.

You can see that the brawler angle let Julian (king of the art) create some really fantastic looking locations. Here you can see the process of design from the pencil and paper concept drawing to in-game footage.


And having that zelda style top down view for the world map helped us create a feeling of freedom in the world and hopefully a sense of exploration and adventure as you roam between levels, towns and different game areas.


We’ve gone out of our way to make absolutely everything in the game feel ‘juicy’ and full of feedback. We posted this gif a few months ago. Its the zip line mechanic, but as you can see it rocks and bounces when not in use and then the rope buckles under your weight before springing back in to place when you jump off it.

Further to this, we’ve used a ‘skeletal’ animation system as well. This has meant super smooth transitions between animations. Instead of having fixed frames like many 2D games, the various body parts will tween smoothly between positions, like they would in a 3D game. We’ve used this to great effect on all our characters, bosses and many of the enemies as well.


Here is a great example of it used on the Breakfast Buccaneer, the Pirate Cove boss:


These animations were done by our good friend Jon, who is just ridiculously talented and did all the artwork for Super House of Dead Ninjas. When his animation and Julian’s artwork combines, something really awesome happens, and I’m just glad to be a part of it.

We’ll be keeping the updates, screenshots and vids flowing now as we head towards a release date.
Thanks for staying with us and I hope you are as excited about the game as we all are!

Follow us on http://superadventurepals.com

Jay & Julian xoxo 

Posted by coruptedGames - December 6th, 2015





Super Adventure Pals an upcoming console / desktop game is looking for an experienced animator to help out with our cutscenes. Your responsibilities would be to work with us to create a storyboard through to the final animation. To create immersive and humourous cutscenes. This is a paid contract job. 


  • Created an animation start to finish by yourself. 
  • Experience in Flash, After Effects. 
  • Experience in Spine ( Not required, but a plus! )
  • Style similar to Super Adventure Pals / Cartoon
  • Ability to create whacky fun time stuff
  • Ability to work quickly and start ASAP.

For more information about the game see here: Super Adventure Pals

If you're interested please send an email to hi@corupted.com with examples of your work. 

- Julian


Posted by coruptedGames - September 21st, 2015

Super Adventure Pals 2 is coming a long great since our greenlight. We've succesfully overhauled the whole game to create something that will be at the quality level for desktop & console. Here is an early .gif showing some of the new combat and animations! 


In an effort to start promoting the game to help us sell it down the line we are doing a small competition to win a pet rock! Simply retweet this post for a chance to win! 

Win A Pet Rock!

Follow more updates over at our Dev Log

Posted by coruptedGames - June 26th, 2015

Exciting news Friends & Foes, 
Super Adventure Pals 2 has finally made it's way to Steam Greenlight with the help of ArmorGames. It would mean a lot to Jay & I if you could hit that sexy YES button and make our dreams a reality. 

Vote For us

It's taken a lot of work but we're finally ready to work full time on the game and turn it into the best fun time ever!

Here is the awesome trailer for the game. Made by the extremely talented Marlon Wiebe who has made some incredible videos for Crypt of the Necrodancer, Nuclear Throne and many others. Check out his stuff here. He did a fantastic job with the ‘pals – what do you think.

Posted by coruptedGames - March 28th, 2015


So after wayyy too much work re coding Super Marshmallow Kingdom it is now out on mobile! whoo!
Oh and it's also free, So pull out your touchey devices and tap into my heart by downloading the game below c:




Sorry for not keep this thing up to date. I'll try better I swear!




Oh and also what's this ;0  ​Surprise.  


Posted by coruptedGames - March 29th, 2013

SO I haven't posted much in a while but I thought Ill chuck on some new art of mine onto newgrounds which you guys can see here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/c0rupt3d/cali brated-fabrications

Purty pictures. ( they may be easier to view on my site they'e quite large.

I have also started university since I last posted, im doing a Bachelor of Design ( visual Communication ) the course can lead in many different roles in the creative community, im hoping for something game related from it! With the start of university comes the flood of assignments... SO here is something which i have due next week (: ( it is quite unpolished at the moment but yeah you get the idea.. ) http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/6615/carsyooo o.jpg

So for anyone that doesn't have eyes and make games the game developer conference has been happening over the past week and at the flash gaming summit Super Adventure Pals was nominated for two game awards, Best Art and Most Creative! Jay went over there to check out the action and turns out we totally won a mochi award, its great to have an actually physical award for such a virtual transaction. Here is a pic of it I think: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BGN79s-CAAAByOj.jpg:

Super Adventure Pals 2 is coming a long very nicely although time wise not so much.. But the quality is very high! :D Which means probablly a while until it will be finished :/ But you can check out a bunch off Stuff I have done for the game here : The post is still yet to be fully completed.
http://news.corupted.com/new-blog-updates-on-sup er-adventure-pals-2/