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3 DAYS - The Adventure Pals Kickstarter - Pls Help

2016-08-24 01:17:56 by coruptedGames

Hey Pals! 

We're T-Minus 3 days away from the finishing line of our Kickstarter, We've had a tremendous amount of support over the past few days but we're still 12% away from getting there. So please check it out.


If you missed the FREE demo, you can check it out and play it over at Gamejolt



We've created a thunderclap for the final day of The Adventure Pals! Thunderclap allows us to use the power of our fans to help boost our message. The thunderclap will go out on the last day of our Kickstarter campaign, and get as many people as possible talking about the game all at once. You can simply sign up here and commit to posting our message on your preferred outlet. 



Sweet Playthrough


- Julian



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2016-08-24 03:16:09

Hope you guys make it!
Would LOVE to play this game- I've already pledged and posted on twitter!
Best of luck!

coruptedGames responds:

Thanks so much! n_n